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High quality risk process

We apply Nobel-prize winning psychological thinking tools to improve risk decisions. We help our clients use more of their intellectual capacity. We use mathematical tools to target risk estimates and calculate consequences.

This is the science of Risk Insight:

  • The psychology of risk. The behavioural economics of uncertain predictions. How fast thinking reinforces false beliefs about the future.
  • The psychological science of teamwork. Risk is a team sport. How smart people can make wrong decisions in groups.
  • The neuroscience of uncertainty. How the brain processes the unknown. How uncertainty undermines clear thinking.
  • The science of subjectivity. How people believe that personal and cultural assumptions are objective truths. How vulnerability and overconfidence make people blind.
  • The science of clear communication. Risks are ambiguous, but unclear subjective communication can make the picture even more blurry. Objective communication produces more forceful actions.
  • The statistical science of outcomes and probabilities. How mathematical models can produce a broader range of potential consequences and explanations than the human mind. How smart people believe that they think better than the collective wisdom.
  • The science of systems and hidden realities. How the world is a complex place that the human mind only sees fragments of. How systems thinking can enable smart people to track causes, consequences and interactions.