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Knowledge house

Whoever you are, whatever your situation, location or industry, our products and opportunities will help you to a better understanding of risks, costs and consequences.


Risk radar reports

Our monthly risk radar reports where we cover risk in greater depth and detail than anyone else using technology only available through us in Scandinavia.


Health check of process and culture

Our tools and methods to measure sustainability in your risk processes and culture – key to success.


Training and framing

Our soft skills training program for managers, risk-professionals and employees to build competencies, culture, strategy and understand the human factor.


Risk identification

Our way of expanding your organization’s risk perspectives beyond the risk register using risk psychology and context mapping. Quantify systemic risks and map event risks.


Risk analysis

Our model driven analysis that reveals the true drivers and hidden connections between causes and consequences. Improve your match between risks and actions.


Risk maps

Our visual tools enable managers and professionals to think and talk productively about risk, causes and consequences.


Competitive engineering

Our tool to communicate clearly and unambiguously through objective conversations and documentation. Prevent confusion and inaction through measurable language.



Our use of innovative new technology, strategic partnerships and testing artificial intelligence to become the leader in the field of risk research and insight.