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People need courage and ability to see reality in new ways. We provide unique facts for data driven decisions and open-minded decision processes. The tools that will help you shift gear to a new level of risk performance.

Key differentiators of Risk Insight

Combining a powerful blend of risk psychology, contextual intelligence, mathematical models, and expertise to convert data into actionable knowledge.

Systemic risks

We capture 80%* of the threats through mapping the systemic conditions that produce event risks. Organisations are often unaware of the systemic risk factors and over focus on the events.

We counter that imbalance using systemic risk models.

*Depending on your decision/phase/process step

Mapping complexity

It is difficult to see events and trends that will influence the future of your business. We use the world’s most advanced sense-making platform to map the risk context. We give you more facts that help you make better sense.

We are partners of the internationally acknowledged The Digital Thinking Network and are the only providers of this technology in Scandinavia.

The psychology of risk

We enable smarter thinking about risks through the science of behavioural economics. We capture a broader and deeper understanding of threats by compiling and condensing the collective intelligence of the organisation.