Risk Insight - Black Elephant Approach - Risk Insight

The Black Elephant approach

Risk Insight combines psychology, behavioural economics, mathematical modelling and contextual mapping to help leaders and organisations to see the real risk picture and talk more openly about how to succeed.

  • We help you see the unthinkable Black Swans through risk psychology and risk radar reports
  • We prevent you from being misled by your blind spots through behavioural economics of smart thinking
  • We identify the hidden and unseen systemic risks and help you quantify the actual cost and consequences
  • We use contextual mapping for deeper situational awareness, which drives better decisions and more effective actions
  • We spark inspiration and innovation. We help you innovate and apply new tools


A broader and deeper risk understanding - through risk psychology
Understanding the human factor and behavioral change
Use of context mapping and advanced text analytics – giving insight to future disruptions
A more systematic analysis of risk consequences and costs – through statistics, models and economics


Improved risks decision making processes – through the psychology of smart thinking and talking
Practical tools and techniques that save time
Customized risk leadership development and training
Build support to your improvement strategies


Observe and describe risk culture – and suggest improvements
Plan and implement changes that deliver long-term benefits and value-creation
Strengthen leadership and cooperation for risks
Optimize systems and tools


Coach and advise managers
Design implementation strategies for risks
Design programs for improving risk management
Common understanding and ownership of risks and actions - through engaging meetings and workshops
Use of competitive engineering


Develop risk management – through use of innovative technology
Cooperate with universities and leading scientific frontiers to advance the way we think about risk
Aim to be the first using artificial intelligence during risk identification and assessment